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The Omaha-Douglas County Victim Assistance Program staff guides victims through the criminal justice system and offers supportive listening and agency referrals. Assistance is also available with:

We know that the court process can be very confusing and overwhelming. We would like to answer your questions and help you understand the different stages that may occur in your case. This website includes information and referral links, which you may find helpful.

If you are an innocent victim of a crime and are threatened, coerced or intimidated by a suspect(s), family or friends. please contact our office for information.

Victims of crime suffer in many ways. Victims endure physical suffering as well as emotional distress. Crime imposes financial hardship on the victim, such as loss of wages, medical bills, and property damage. Anger, guilt, and confusion occur as a result of the crime and are naturally followed by feelings of anxiety, fear, and frustration towards the criminal justice system. These victims need our help and support.

The Omaha-Douglas County Victim Assistance Program is concerned about ensuring the victim's rights in the criminal justice system. Our purpose is to prevent the victim from getting lost in the system by assisting the victim with information concerning the case and possible compensation. 

The criminal justice system is meant to bring justice and relief to victims and their families. The process, however, is long and complex. Time is needed for the correct information to be acquired and for the information to be filtered through the different levels of the justice system. Our office will help guide the victim through the legal step.

Therefore, it is important that the victims remain active and confident in their cases to help ensure satisfactory ends. We need victims' and witnesses' help to increase the number of crimes reported and to make our community a safer place to live.

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